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Hey everyone out there I hope you all are well and possessing the best of your health! If you follow our blog regularly, then you must be knowing we have already written a blog on the topic of mobile photography! if not click here!In this very blog, we will be discussing the “EDITING”! Yes, the editing of the photograph taken from your phone! It is noteworthy that no photograph is complete unless you impart your creativity in it! And to we are going to describe the Editing in AdobeLightroom(mobile)!

What is creativity? And how to impart?

Creativity means to present anything in an artistic way! It is noteworthy to say, “TO PRESENT ANYTHING IN A UNIQUE WAY”. This means to represent a thing in a way wholly different from others! Most importantly how to impart it in photographs! First of all, by using creative techniques! But most the time it is quite difficult! So in that scenario, what to do? The only answer is by playing with the lights! Now, is that what editing means? Yes, all premium editing is that! but how to do it? That is what we will discuss!

1)Observe the light:

As we have already told earlier, try to capture the photograph when light has a particular direction! Likewise in the morning, afternoon and during the time when light is blocked by the clouds! Doing this you already create a sense of harmony and the proper directions. Now as already discussed, some photos can be taken during normal day time, then what to do? The answer is selective editing! Now, How to achieve by using selective editing tools in Lightroom. We are providing a complete chart from The Lightroom Queen’s. How will achieve the magic of Light? The answer is selectively to increase the exposure on the highlighted area and to bump up shadows in the shadows. This will provide you enough drama and a sense of direction in your photograph. NOW WE WILL FURTHER INCREASE THE TOPIC IN UPCOMING BLOGS! But for now this is it!

Editing in AdobeLightroom(mobile)
Chart from Ligtroom Queen

2)Editing shadows properly:

Shadows should be properly edited! Now too much of contrasted shadows create a sense of drama in photograph! Whereas suppressed shadows create a sense of cinematic dramas in photographs ! Likewise I will be providing two examples down here to explain you the points clearly and accurately! But before that, let me suggest you some tricks! ALWAYS USE CURVE TOOL TO edit the shadows accurately! And not the sliders !I will be demonstrating the curve position down here! The graph behind the curve line is basically the histogram of the photo you are editing! The lower portion represents shadows and the upper portion represents Highlights! Now if you are editing the lower portion of graph then it will affect your shadows and the upper portion will affect your highlights! Thus giving you a good selective edit option!Now if you want a dedicated blog on curves comment below now!

Now this editing has been done by me ! And believe me I have not used sliders!

3)Straighten up your photo!

What does straightening your photos mean? It means to make your photographs straight with respect to the subject of the photograph! This can easily be achieved in AdobeLightroom(mobile) with the straighten tool! Till now I have seen and observed lots of photographs from various genres and have edited them! And have observed that more than 70% of photographs look unprofessional just because they are not properly aligned! For this purpose, you will need to read our previous blog here! Properly straightening up your photograph is also a serious term! First of all, be very wise while choosing the line of alignment for your photograph! It should not happen that on the verge of correcting your alignment you destroy the alignment of your subject! I will be providing some examples below!

4)Adjusting white balance!

Now we have already written a blog describing the white balance! Please follow the link here! Let me give you a sum up a description of the same! White Balance means how a white color object is going to appear in your photograph! Now you have to very specific with white balance as it is the most important term for your images! Adobe lightroom (mobile) provides various ways to achieve it you can use AdobeLightroom(mobile) Temperature Tool along with tint to achieve it, you can use mix panel, and even split toning! And believe me white balance is going to change your photograph in both dramatic and psychological ways! I am attaching these photographs as a source of example! Now white balance is a very big topic and we will make it again, as an advance knowledge!

5)Curves: The Game Changer

Though many people are there who usually do not takes up curves into consideration! But believe me AdobeLightroom curves can really be a great tool for changing the direction of the look of your photograph! I will write a separate blog on using curves! But for now just follow the description given!

Follow the basic Demonstration!

Yeah, Yeah obviously I now this is not the curves , which one we use to see on mobile lightroom, but all curves follow the same rule ! Editing the curve by making a pin point on the line in the lower section will definitely affect your shadows and the above portion will affect your highlights! And anything in the middle will affect the midtones or the portions which are properly lit up and illuminated!

That’s all for this blog we are planning something really really big for all! And that will be given in your upcoming blogs! So stay tuned! We will describe every term of AdobeLightroom in our upcoming blog so stay tuned!

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