Flyingcars are shaping the future: Kitty Hawk’s Flyer!!

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Earlier you will remember that in the cartoon programs we used to see strange vehicles. There used to be strange cars which used to fly not run through the roads.! Yes I am talking about flyingcars!We didn’t believed that such type of thing can exist. But believe me if you don’t know about it they now-a-days really exists!

Observing everything two major problems comes in our mind. Which are lack of natural resources and increase in traffic everyday.

Lack of Natural Resources:

Previously gasoline was the main source of fuel on which the cars used to run. Now that number or percentage has got reduced a little bit but still it’s the primary. As we all know gasoline comes from the fossil fuel petroleum which the earth is running short of. So, here arises the big question how will the cars be driven in the future if we do not have gasoline.

Companies like Tesla, Volswagen, Chevrolet, etc. are coming up great cars. Although it will take time for all this cars to spread throughout the world. Still there is full probability that the electric cars will take over the gas cars. So, we can tell that this problem is solved.

Traffic problems:

Each day on our way to anywhere we are getting struck in the traffic. Which wastes our time, may ruin a important work etc. The problems is that the vehicle to road area ratio is terribly mismatched. That is we have less roads in comparison to the amount of vehicles we have. That is problem which is huge and is not yet solved. So here is where the Kitty Hawk’s Flyer comes.

What is it all about:

Kitty Hawk’s Flyer is a human carrying drone with not so complicated controls. So, it is a drone which carries a human who himself or herself will control it while flying.

It goes like a very simple kind of aircraft thing which will sit in your garage! And on the morning when you are off for work, just grab your helmet and fly in it. It’s that simple.

The Main Objectives of the Flyer (As Explained by their CEO and Lead Engineer) :

Two objectives which Kitty hawk is really looking forward with their flyer are:

  • In future reduce the problem of traffic on the roads and let people use their saved time efficiently.
  • To make flying easier, so easy that it will not require any professional degree to fly it. An hour of moderate training can help you master the flying skill of the flyer.

Some Revolutionary Features of the flyer:

Revolutionary Design:

Expertly crafted to operate above any kind of terrain and even water. It uses highly durable composite materials that are lightweight and aerodynamic.

All Electric:

The flyer flies entirely upon taking electric as fuel. So, you can just charge it overnight and in the morning have a ride on it.

Smooth Ride:

Innovative Software which takes data from multiple sensors which will give it a smooth flight. The flyingcars don’t only hold some hardware like the traditional aircrafts or airplanes. It has a incredible mixture of hardware greatly tweaked with softwares.

Its Extremely simple nature:

As I earlier specified you can easily fly the flyer by a moderate training of an hour. It has two controllers which are similar to that of a simple drone. So, I guess so everyone will be comfortable flying these amazing flyingcars.

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My Honest Thoughts About the Flyer:

As said by CEO of Kitty Hawk Sebastian Thrunn, flyer is at this stage a recreational type of vehicle. Which means that it is not the commercial flyer which is aimed to solve the real world problems. It is also specified by him that the concept behind this will laid the foundation of the commercial ones.

I specifically am very much curious about what Kitty Hawk does next. I hope that they will implement some artificial intelligence kind of stuff in those upcoming ones. Which will enable it to have some awesome features like autopilot etc. I’m pretty much sure many of you including me are looking forward to this company’s next steps.

I’m attaching a video made by Casey Neistat here, if you are interested just see that right away. 

Caesy Niestat flies the first flyingcars

For more interesting informations on drones check out Utility of AI Drones.

So, that’s pretty much it for Kitty Hawk’s Flyer. Thanks for reading.

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  1. If every single person starts riding on these flyers then the sky will be congested. Then what people should do to avoid accidents in the air..??

    1. See if there would exist some kind of car systems like this. Then there will also exist some kind of traffic control for this. Just like we currently have for our air planes , ships and ground transportation.

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