How AI Drones will have an Invincible Impact on the Future?

DRONES are unmanned aerial vehicles fully remote controlled. Now, AI Drones are the better version of it. No Human is neede to control them. Military to Weather forecast Drones have applications everywhere. In photography and cinematography . Many Functionalities are daily developed into them . To many people photography and cinematography are the only functions of Drones. But to me and I’m pretty much sure to many people drones is much more functional than the two. To know about them in detail read further.

Emergency Response Drone.

The Recent Development of the Drones and Their Varied uses:

The history of drones says that First UAV was a N2C-2 anti-aircraft target Drones were in service by 1938. They were are first used in World War I. Many companies and individuals developed the drones to a great extent and still doing. Drones are providing services in Military, Agriculture, Disaster Relief, Emergency response and in many other fields. For more knowledge about the uses of Drones click here.

Moving on, in this way the UAVs are impacting the world. Weather Forecast to disease control are some fields where UAVs unbelievably made an impact. UAVs are getting integrated with Great cameras to the latest technology everything. There stuff like Following drones, to know more about it click here.

From Transporting humans to delivering stuff drones are everywhere. By Deploying various high level Cameras Drones are acting as flying cinematography rigs.

Drones at Humantarian Relief.

Basically what I want to convey is Drones are really one of the most efficient robots ever made. No robot or electronic product is as versatile as the the Drones. But this not the extent of development because now AI is taking the drones to many steps further.

How AI is Operating on the Drones:

Let’s take the example of the Following Drone. To let you know in brief it is basically a drone following you wherever you go. It just like a flying camera following you and making sure it doesn’t collide with any obstacle.

If we think, basically what we are doing is we giving human senses to the drones. They can see you and have the sense to feel what is before them and can think how much distance they should maintain. That is, we are making the Drones more intelligent or autonomous.

Now only think if the drones learn to analyze and understand the work given to them they will be 50% more efficient. Want to know how? Let’s talk about it in the next segment.

A Delivery Drone

How AI can Empower the Drones with Superpowers!!:

So like every other Superhero or Superheroine Drones could fly!! But they do not have senses. AI drones also gives that superpower to them.

We discussed about the following drone, where AI is giving eye to the Drone. Let’s take a scenario of the door to door delivery system. Integration of GPS API on the drones will make them able to find the delivery door themselves.

The Tracking Drone

Now let’s take the field of emergency response where Drones already are doing marvels. If image recognition and the ways of rescue and relief are integrated into the Drone, then think the Drones can be Lifesavers. And not only ten or twenty people but it can save lives of thousands.  Now, Drones are much more efficient in finding people in trouble than rescuers on Helicopters.

Now if we come to the Disease Control department, here DJI is already doing Wonders. Now if AI Drones comes in this field. No human will be needed to analyze places from where the diseases are getting originated. The Drones will do it itself.

Let’s Talk about personal transportation. So I’ve already written a blog upon human carrying Drones you can read it here. If the human carrying Drones become intelligent enough to Drive itself. It makes way to room to a new person flying in that. Human carrying drone have a weight carrying limit then it will be a great advantage if we relieved it from the Driver’s weight.

Drones at Infrastructure Development.


So, if we try to think then then AI Drones will really do something more than what is called Marvels. From Defense to weather forecasting to transportation Drones are everywhere.  But the only Drawback is the eyes which are controlling the Drones are not going with it. AI Drones eliminates this problem. As AI Drones have their own eyes and ears.

So, to me Drones are one of the most efficient and multi operational Robots ever made. Because if we think properly there is no such piece of tech with have this much diverse field of applications Integration of AI on the Drones will really increase its functionality at least 100 times.

Below is a video on how DJI is using Drones to Fight Malaria:

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