Insta360 One R is the Most Amazing Action or 360 Degree Camera?!


Insta360 One R is the supermodular hybrid of a 360 Camera and the action camera. Why I say so you will find it very soon. The One R comes with three lens mods. The first one is the 4k lens mod having f2.8 aperture and it is 16.4 mm equivalent. It makes it pretty much like a standard action camera. Second, comes the 360 mod having two super-wide lenses on both sides. This mod lets you have the super awesome effects of a 360-degree camera. Last but not least it comes with the 1-inch module. It 5.3k resolution, f3.2 and is 14.4mm equivalent. It has a 1-inch Sensor which is very very rare in an action camera. As a result of that huge sensor, One R can produce amazing results in low light.

It’s a piece of cake to change the lens mods on One R. You just need to pop the lens on the core of it and you are good to go. The battery base is the platform where we need to mount the lens mod and the screen. Therefore, just start shooting!

Let’s now talk about the different feature and functionalities of the Insta360 One R



The Segmented form of the Insta360 One R with Every mod to date. (Source: Insta360)

Yes the USP of the One R, the modularity. As I already talked about the modular camera lens mods on it. It is a powerhouse of creativity and filmmaking. Read the next couple of lines get clarity of the functionality of the modularity on the One R. So, when you are using the 4k 16.4 mm equivalent lens you can use this as a full-fledged action camera. Use it in filming any kind of sports activity of anything involving a robust camera setup. Next up we get to see the 360-degree lens mod. It is used for the basic special effects which are achieved with a standard 360-degree camera. Then comes my favorite 1″ lens mod, best for great cinematography at the day as well as night. It gives amazing results all around day and night, thanks to the huge image sensor.

Workspace Advantage:


I know you would be expecting me to feature every photography-related specifications in the feature portion. But post-processing is one of the biggest aspects of photography. When we use a 360 camera like Insta360 One X we have a very much extensive and labor-intensive workspace. When we post-process and edit the videos taken from the One X are first needed to download on the phone and then we do the post-processing. In other words, it takes a lot of time to post-process a 360 video from shot on the One X. But on the One R, we straight-away get the video on the phone’s terminal and then post-process it.

Super Modular Screen:

(Source: Future)

The screen in the Insta360 One R can be easily flipped and attached which easily viewed from the above-given photo. So I love the big screen on the GoPro Hero 8 but there is a catch. On the Gopro Hero 8 we cannot see the preview when we are filming ourselves. But on the One R we can at least get a small but view-able preview of what we are filming. And believe me the small but modular screen is super helpful. Because we only need the view of the framing and perspective of what we are filming. So it can be a really awesome tiny blogging camera.

Hyperlapse and Time Wrap:

The Hyperlapse and Time Lapse Features on the One R are pretty incredible. Yes, every other action camera on the market has these features but no one does it so well! For instance, the One R uses AI auto framing to automatically frame the Hyperlapse and Timelapses taken by it. See, it is not as good as the manual framing but it is very good for beginners can also can help the people not that pro in it.

Something More About the Different Lens Mounts

(Source: Future)

On the One R we get a lot of modularity in terms of the lens mounts. In the 4k mod, it can be beaten by almost all the action cameras in that range and in that league. But we set the settings to the 3k settings then it can shot up to 100fps which is a great advantage. But above all comes the 1″ mod, which pretty beats every other action camera in the market right now. It shoots in 5.3k, gives the best low light performances in any action camera. And in addition to that it also provides a shallow depth of field which everybody loves.

Summing Up Everything

I feel that the Insta360 One R is one of the best cameras ever made. The nice blend which the camera provides is quite phenomenal. The action mode both with the 4k and the 1″ lens module are quite exceptional. Also the 360-degree lens module is remarkable in every parameter. Also the time-efficient workspace comes very handy when we are readily making videos and have less time for post-processing.


We can use it as a mini vlogging camera, having a great built-in microphone. Although the microphone input port on it is not up to the mark, I hope so it gets rectified soon. The Image Stabilization can’t be termed as great or good enough, but it has a strange workflow. The video you get direct out from the camera is not that stabilized but you can adjust it in post-processing very efficiently.

One thing to be noted Insta360 One R is the only 360-degree camera which is Water Resistant. So use it underwater or in other Watersports stress-free. Moreover, one very valuable feature is that the lens in the One R is replaceable. This feature must be noted as a key point because in action cameras the wear and tear of the lenses is very much. Therefore, the lens front glass gets scratches and you end up buying a new one every time you notice too many scratches. On the contrary in the One R the lens module only needs to be bought and you are good to go.


Long Story Short:

In conclusion of everything that is stated above, it can be easily be understood that the Insta360 One R is easily one of the best all-rounder Camera Ever made. If you want only an action camera then go for the GoPro Hero 8 but if you want a good action camera, a small film-making camera and a 360-degree camera in one package then go for the One R.

That’s it for my thoughts about the Insta360 One R.

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