OCTI: Let us Explore the world of next GEN-Social Media Platform

Metaverse has become one of the most focussed subjects of today’s world. For those who are unaware of the metaverse, let me give you a brief! METAVERSE is basically a computer-generated environment where users can interact with computer-generated computer graphics. While many of the tech giants are busy in development. The company known as OCTI has already made a debut in it .


What is OCTI?

OCTI is basically an all-in one social media platform. It contains all the features of TikTok, Reels, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. At very first glance it looks like any other social media app. BUT BELIEVE ME, it is much more than that! They offer AR-based filters like Snapchat, swipeable videos like reels. And if you want some concept of digital coins you can come across that here also! It enables you to interact with friends, family, and strangers. Here is a short video of the app!

Glimpse of OCTI!

More About OCTI!

The APP allows creators to hang out with characters in real life! It uses AR to project real-world projection of interesting scenes! You can post all these videos on your live feed! And you will earn octi-coins as your videos get more views!

But of what are these OCTI-COINS ? And for what use are they? These octi-coins can be used for purchasing digital items on the app! And even you can use them to buy real-world items like shoes, cosmetics, etc. And the next one for you is NFT!

Yes! You heard that correctly! And because you have uploaded a non-fungible token you will earn octi coin as a result! And as your NFTs get popular there value will increase in octi market!

ISN’T it fun? I know you are excited! But sorry to inform you! This app is not currently in India and is currently on IOS only!

Uniqueness of OCTI!

The platform has not shown uniqueness in app itself but also in marketing strategy! As they have opted for a user-focussed revenue system, we can see a massive change !


The app had made its debut in USA! And had shown massive popularity! Though it is available in only the selected region! Let us hope that it will be launched very soon globally and will also let us have fun with it!

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