The Most Influential Tech of the Decade!!

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The last decade has marked a revolution in many areas of technology. Previously we used to give input to the computer through the keyboard or mouse only, but now we have started to talk to computers. Here is some gadgets or technologies to be general which are the most “Influential Tech” of the last decade.

We used to call taxis, now an app is there to let strangers pick you up. Then we used to have dates on coffee shops, bars etc., now we swipe photos on the screen.

The last decade has brought us closer to our smartphones, computers, etc. It made every tech around us more and more smarter and intelligent. The word artificial intelligence is again and more precisely defined in the last decade. In the last decade we saw major revolutions in the tech world and due to that the whole world in general.

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Google Assistant’s Intelligence:

Siri in iPhones was launched in 2011 was a revolution in the world of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Followed by Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant. The main idea revolves around an algorithm fetching answers questions to sometimes complex questions from the internet. After searching, the algorithm provides the best possible results for you. It started with integrating Siri into the iPhones.

Then came in Echo by Amazon, a speaker with Alexa integrated with it. Alexa took everything to the next level by playing music, answers to many complicated questions also, and cracking jokes too. After that advancements in this field kept on taking place. These have started to become the personal assistants helping in a lot of things.

For example, the new advanced Google Home equipped with Google Assistant can also help you control smart home appliances like smart bulbs, air conditioners, etc. Over that Google assistants have options to change the voice of it. Moreover, the Google assistant has options to choose from 27 different languages. Just like a normal assistant it can save and give reminders. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc., are all great A.I. powered virtual personal assistants but Google assistant stands out and leaves others in its dust. The reason for Google Assistant being some steps further than its competitors is it can do a lot more than the others. For example, what Google Assistants on Android Phones can do no other can do that much. Voice Assistants are one of the most influential tech and relevant advancements in the field of A.I. and “Robots taking over human work”.

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Through the Decade Tesla marked an everlasting impact on the EV vehicles. Especially Tesla Model S i.e., the P100D is the quickest car in history with an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 2.3 secs. Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Cybertruck all are one of the most advanced and efficient in their own segments.

To me, Tesla is one of the most futuristic and visionary companies, which can be easily be noticed by the further given details. Tesla was the first EV manufacturing company that came up with the most number of charging stations besides cafes, restaurants, etc. Tesla has the most spread as well as dense charging stations. Next is the Tesla Powershell, this is one of the works which makes Tesla a true deserved member of this list. As the usage of the solar energy is increasing every

Tesla is also coming up with some advanced and truly futuristic features, such as “Bioweapon Defense Mode” and “Ludicrous” driving setting. Autopilot or self-driving mode is one of the most advanced concept which surely will be an influential tech of the future ahead. Tesla is testing its autopilot in full fledge. Although some accidents have been reported while the driver was let the car’s self-driving tech do all the work. Still, Tesla has made huge advancements and true innovations in the EV market and we’ll see more of these innovations in the future for sure.

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Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is truly one of the most influential tech gadget ever found! The main impact of the iPhone 4S was the breakthrough of the internet in everyone’s pocket through it. Before the iPhone 4S internet was not available on phones but it made the internet easily and readily accessible. iPhone 4S also changed the definition of photography. It showed the world that we always don’t always need fancy gear for photography and also we can do photography as a everyday thing.

Now comes the App Store. App Store was another revolution on its own. The main app development and now the amount of things we do through only started from this App Store only! The new Smartphone era we’re living in much contributed by the iPhone 4S.

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Instagram was the one who started the whole revolution of uploading photos on the internet. Yes, that’s true, Instagram did that through the help of their attractive filters and ease of uploading photos. Post Instagram people didn’t used to post daily life updates through pictures, but Instagram turned people’s daily life into a performance.

Instagram didn’t only change the daily life of normal people but also helped influencers build businesses and brands out of the platform. Instagram started with great filters applicable only through the iPhones, but later on, it also came up with the android version. Another one of the most important attraction which attracts the billions of users is the heart-shaped appreciation function. It acts as the magnets which keep attracting its users to post their photos and videos to get that heart-shaped appreciation!

Recent updates include the daily story updates(for limited time) add a lot of attraction to the platform. Also, after Facebook acquired Instagram they also added a private messaging facility. So, Instagram has a lot of features and benefits but at the core, it is still a place to see or to be seen! Instagram is that influential tech that impacted the now world the most on the surface level!

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Apple iPad

Ya, another apple product in the list. C’mon no matter we love or hate Apple but its innovative products have always set a milestone for others. Apple iPad is one of the most influential tech of the last decade. It was through this product Apple introduced to the tech world the concept of a tablet computer. It increases the portability of a computer and we also get a full-fledged touchscreen tablet. The most unique feature that makes started the revolution is it is being a very nice median between a smartphone and a laptop. iPad is bigger than a smartphone but smaller and lighter than a laptop.

This was surely a very futuristic product because back then when it was launched the mobile products were not that much into trend. But seeing the scenario now, mobile products are very very popular and are in the prime trend. Being mobile is not the only thing iPad are getting sold. They have become extremely powerful concerning their form factor.

After adding the keyboard iPad is converted to a laptop. Then after the inclusion of the stylus with the iPad, it got inside another generation. Now creative people got very interested in the iPad. Stuffs like illustrations, graphic designing, logo making became very efficient and profound. Throughout the decade there are a lot of improvements inside the iPad and on the iPad OS. This year Apple also included the trackpad with the keyboard. With the trackpad included keyboard and the powerful performance of the iPad it can easily become an alternative for a laptop.

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SpaceX one of the most revolutionary companies in the world ever. This year SpaceX became the first-ever private company to send a human into space. Elon musk’s SpaceX has always been a truly visionary company that takes steps in the most futuristic developments. The Falcon Heavy is an endeavor in its domain. It is a three-core rocket with 27 engines, capable of launching 140,000 pounds of cargo into the lower orbit. It is the most powerful launch vehicle to date.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, it was made in a fraction of NASA’s that time’s newest rocket. Another great innovation by the SpaceX is the Reusable Rocket. After an unsuccessful mission in which the core of the rocket booster crashed. In 2019 in another attempt all the three boosters from the falcon heavy found their way to earth and they will be used again. SpaceX much focusses on making reaching space cheaper and cheaper so that startups can also o invest in innovating the space tech. An Influential Tech company from a super innovative Elon Musk!

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Uber was the first company to start a ride-hailing service. They redefined the way people go around the city or reach airports etc,. After giving very much reachable and easy to use service Uber came up with the amazing UberX service. UberX let customers get more affordable rides which started to turn out really helpful for everyone. Not only that UberX affordable rides but also provided a lot of employment through its platform. It let non-professional drivers to drive for them and provide rides to customers.

After all the works done by Uber they already had created a marvel but they moved further and started innovating automated cabs. They will be fully driver-less and automated in every respect. I’m thrilled to think of seeing a car approaching me, picking me up and dropping me safely to the destination entirely on its own!

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Apple Airpods

Airpods was one of the most innovative tech products in the decade. It was one of the biggest steps towards the “Wireless” world of the future. We are continuously relieving ourselves from the wires and we are connecting our gadgets through WiFi and Bluetooth.

Airpods didn’t only started the wireless accessories series but set high standards for wireless peripherals. Airpods had best connectivity with iPhone so far, the compact size and ever lasting battery life. The sound and noice cancellation in the first generation airpods was not so good. But the 2nd gen airpods gave much much better noise cancellation and sound quality and also fast wireless charging. After the airpods became famous every other wireless earphones manufacturer improved their headphones’ features to match its standards.

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Oculus Rift

Virtual reality was refined by the Oculus’s Rift. From movie watching to playing games to engineering, VR is starting to contribute in various fields. Social Media and video calling can be redefined by the VR experience. Moreover, 3D works and HD-POV experience stared from this VR only. from the impact of VR on the users, it can be predicted that VR is the future of entertainment and visual works too.

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Google Pixel

Google came up with the Pixel in 2016 and startled the world with how software can beat hardware. It is doesn’t mean that Pixel’s hardware is not good. But the capability of the hardware it holds is boosted by 200% by the truly calibrated software of the Pixel. One of the contribution of the software in the Pixel is the computational photography. With only one lens Google Pixel reigned over the mobile photography empire for years.

From portrait to night mode to wide lens mode, Pixel did everything through that single lens only. It did so by using advanced machine learning algorithms which manipulated the photos taken by the single lens only and gave the best result possible. After the awesome photography comes the stock android experience which is one of the best in the whole smartphone world. This raised the standards of the android phones market in whole. Last but not the least the Pixel gave one of the best OS experience ever!

That’s all about the most influential tech for the last decade. If you know something about the futuristic tech then read: Flyingcars are shaping the future. And the “It’s 2020. Where are our self-driving cars?” by is worth a read

I know this blog became a little long but c’mon guys these are the Most Influential Tech of the Last Decade. This length is worth it!!

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